A great week of ENGLISH ONLY

Foto Abciwith ABCi-English at our school from January 20 to 24.


ABCi is a great organisation for English-learning with native speakers from many different countries of the world, who help and motivate the students to use their English more confidently.

Awesome, awesome, AWESOME!

That’s what we have been hearing lots of times from the students of year 4 this week. Many of them said it was an extremely cool experience for them and they would try to use their English more often because now they were more confident about it.

Maybe a few of them did not really like the group they were put into, however, almost everyone liked the games and many of us have made new friends from other classes.

So we can only recommend this experience to all future students of English at our school.

© Alena Bitterlich & Julia Feichtinger; 4A



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