English in Action

Every year, Gmunden grammar school offers an English project for its third-grade students which helps students improve their language skills in a fun and entertaining way. Native speakers teach the kids six lessons straight a day and, of course, classroom language is English only.

‘The English project was really cool and it was a challenge that we had to speak English only! I liked the games a lot – they were great fun!

‘I loved the sketches we prepared for the last day. We practised them every day and on Friday, the last day, we had a performance. The other groups watched as well. I believe our sketch was fantastic ;)’

‘We were put together in groups with students we didn’t know. We became friends quickly. It was just great to be together with new/ different people.’

‘The teachers were native speakers and only spoke English. It was really tough but I think I speak better English now. They were so nice and a lot of fun, too.’

‘I loved the food from the UK. We also learned a lot about the royal family and the UK in general.’

‘I liked watching the sketches from the other groups!’



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