ABCi English-Woche der 3. Klassen

In der 3. Schulwoche fand für unsere dritten Klassen eine Intensivsprachwoche mit ABCi-English an unserer Schule statt. Fünf Tage lang wurden die SchülerInnen von` native speakers´ aus unterschiedlichen englischsprachigen Ländern betreut. Mit spielerischen Elementen und Liedern wurden sowohl landeskundliche Aspekte erarbeitet, wie auch Grammatik und Aussprache trainiert. Das Projekt wurde mit einer Vorstellung im Mehrzwecksaal abgerundet.

Pupils’ comments…
I liked it a lot. It was a great week, we had a lot of fun. I think it was a challenge to explain the words in English. My teacher was Annika (she is the best), she was so nice and sang like a pro. Annika was a perfect teacher and the whole week was perfect. Every day we played many games. My favourite games were ‘change directions’ and ‘famous people’. All games were great. It was a good idea to mix the children in different group, therefore I got to know many new friends. I can absolutely recommend the English-week, it has been the best school week ever. I will never forget this fantastic week.

Last week we had English with native speakers all day long. I liked it very much because we learnt a lot of new words. I didn’t like that our class was separated. Our teacher, named Faye, came from England and she was very nice and good fun. In the workshops we learnt a lot about English speaking countries. It was a little bit hard to understand the teachers because they spoke rather fast. I would recommend this project because now it’s easier for me to speak freely. All in all it was a very good week.

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