Once again, this year’s third graders participated in the English in Action project. Being taught by eight native speakers for an entire week and focusing less on grammar but on speaking and fun activities instead, was a welcome change. Obviously, students enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and classes being different from their regular timetable.  

 ‘It was really great to meet teachers from the UK …’ 

‘It improved my English and it was easy for me to speak English almost all the time.’ 

‘We played a lot of fun games.’ 

‘The presentations at the end were great fun.’ 

‘We also revised some grammar but mostly played games.’  

‘I found it funny to speak only English for a whole week.’ 

‘It was a great experience!’ 

‘It was a very intense week but since English is my favorite subject, I really enjoyed it.’ 

Fotos: Christian Haslberger, Raphaela Desch
Bericht: Annemarie Pesendorfer

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