Comments on the ABCi-week

On Monday we met our ABCi teachers for the first time. They were very friendly and we played lots of games. We also had to do exercises, prepare dramas. On Friday our parents came and we sang many songs and presented the dramas. It was a great week.

Our teachers were nice and good fun. They taught us many things like, for example, we learned about clothes, other countries and languages and also how to speak better English, of course. I really liked it to be able to speak English a whole week. To be honest, I hadn’t expected it to be like that. I even made new friends. I would like to do something like that again.

In the ABCi-week we played many interesting games and I liked the teachers a lot. We learned new songs for the performance on Friday but we also learned many new words and about England. I would like to visit the country with my parents when I’m older.

I think the ABCi-week was great fun. I really enjoyed it and I liked the games because they were sometimes very crazy, but good fun and full of action. We also learned about many other things like the culture in Australia and New Zealand, fitness, and the United Kingdom. What I really enjoyed the most was speaking English all the time although it was really difficult sometimes. What I didn’t like was that we had to prepare a drama. The teachers were very nice. Thank you for this great week!